Tom Holland Helps Fan Having A Panic Attack And Being Crushed By Crowd

Who knew thatTom Holland was heroic in real life? The “Spider-Man: Far From Home” star actuallyintervened to save a fan who was having a panic attack. 

Holland was promoting his film in New York City on Monday when he got rushed by a mob of fans trying to get autographs and memorabilia signed. One young fan claimed she was “crushed against the barricade” by at least 30 men, when the star jumped to her aide. He told them, “I'll throw your [stuff] on the floor if you keep pushing that girl.” When she said that she was having a panic attack, he told her, “It's ok, I got you, I got you.” He then made everyone back up. 

Thankfully, the girl wasn’t injured. She later took to Twitter to say, “I was legitimately shaking and [Tom] risked it all for me so I’m happy. By risked it all I meant he literally reached through the crowd as the barricade was like tipping and snatched the posters.” At this point, it’s not clear that the two had any communication after the incident.

Source:The Blast



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