Daily Do Good: Charity's Lost 'Pile Of Cash' Found On Road And Returned

As Reggie Finch was heading from the bank to work, he realized he didn’t have the bag of cash he’d collected as assistant director at the nonprofit Soul’s Harbor. The group helps recovering drug addicts and former inmates avoid homelessness in Terrell, Texas and Finch had made several stops that day before he noticed the bank bag with over $2,000 was missing.

One of Finch’s stops that day was a store, which was able to look back at security cameras to tell him he’d left the bank bag on top of his car before driving off. He thought the cash was gone forever, but a few days later, he got a call from the police that the money had been found and turned in. A pair of DOT workers found the cash in a pile on the side of the road and took it to the police.

Finch says that act of kindness gives him hope. He says, “That just told me there was a greater good going on.”

Source:CBS DFW



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