Andi's Adoptables: Meet Mojo!

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They call me Mojo Jojo, but I can't hear all that well so it's all the same to me! I am a fluffy Pomeranian/Spaniel mix and I am just 10 years young! I am very sweet and relaxed, and I enjoy strolling through my days at a leisurely pace. I definitely like to stop and smell the flowers! Because of my hearing and vision loss, I would appreciate a quiet family without small kids or energetic pets that might spook me. I do like other dogs, but I need a buddy my own speed! I would be a great match for someone willing to take a long, slow walk each day, and then maybe we could enjoy an afternoon nap together! I will also need regular grooming to keep my fluffy mane looking fabulous and tangle-free. If you think I sound like the perfect mellow fellow for you, come meet me today so we can start on those naps together! Mojo is available for adoption from the Animal Rescue League of Berks County!


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