Girl with Autoimmune Disease Creates Teddy Bear to Hide IV Bags

Ella Casano was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease when she was seven and she’s had her fair share of IV’s while getting medical treatment for it. She knows how scary the tubing and medical equipment on the IV pole can be for kids, so she’s invented a way to help them relax when they’re getting IV’s: Medi Teddy.

“She cut up a stuffed animal and used a hot glue gun to make her very first Medi Teddy,” Ella’s mom explains. She knew it was a good idea, and after talking to nurses about how to make it even better, she eventually went on to patent and manufacture the product. The goal is to get Medi Teddy to as many hospitals as possible to make kids less scared when having medical procedures. She says, “I hope Medi Teddy helps other kids as much as it helps me.”

Source:Scary Mommy



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