Daily Do Good: Entire Flight Staffed By Dads & Their Kids For Father's Day

People who work for airlines are often stuck with a shift on special days or holidays, so they don’t usually get to spend holidays with family, but British Airways did something to change that for Father’s Day this year. The airline staffed a flight from London to San Diego with father-son and father-daughter teams who all work for them. So dads who had to work were at least able to do it next to their kids.

These special pairs teamed up in the air, within the terminal, and on the tarmac and had never had the pleasure of working together before. British Airways made the special new crew assignments to allow dads and their kids the special chance to have a shared experience in their shared profession.

British Airways Captain Martin Ewins says it was a “special feeling” to get to share the office for the day with his daughter Rachel, a cabin crew member.

Source:Inside Edition



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