Daycare Won't Allow Student's Godfather To Attend Father's Day Event

A mom has pulled her son out of a daycare after it blocked his godfather from being a stand-in dad.

Texas mom Tiffany Tillotson says that two days after enrolling her 3-year-old sonNasis Parent’s Choice Daycare, she took him out because the boy’s godfather couldn’t attend “Doughnuts with Dad.”

Jason Moore takes his role in Nas’ life seriously and wanted to make sure he didn’t feel different for not having a dad in his life. Moore himself was fatherless as a child.

Tillotson says daycare leaders said they did not want extra people at the event. When informed that Moore would be stepping in for Nas’ father, they said he could not attend for security reasons. It’s confusing because Moore is listed as a pick up person for the boy.

The angry mom says “If I’m giving you permission to pick up my child and you have all consent from me to do that, why would you not have consent to sit down and eat a doughnut with him for an hour?”

The daycare hasn’t commented.




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