DDG: Local Girl Sells Her Own Artwork to Raise Money for a Service Dog

Bri is a 12 year old girl from Berks County. When she was two-years-old, Bri was diagnosed with type one diabetes. With the help of her family, Bri has been able to live a happy, active life. Bri gets good grades in school, she loves to read and play softball, she plays violin and is involved in the Young American Voices choir, but Bri and her family would like to get her a Service dog to help with her with her diabetes. A Diabetic Alert Dog will provide an additional safety net for Bri to help manage her type one diabetes and is especially good for when Bri goes away to college and is away from her family.

Currently there is a two year waiting list to get a Diabetic Alert Dog and they cost $25,000. Bri is raising money by auctioning her artwork. So far, she has raised $5,000 auctioning her paintings on Facebook. Bri will also be showcasing her art at Art On The Avenue in West Reading this Saturday.

Once her family has raised the $25,000, they can be on the two-year waiting list for the service dog. The diabetic alert dog will be trained through Lily Grace Service Dogs. Diabetic alert dog will help alert Bri of dangerous changes in her blood sugars both high and low, especially while she’s sleeping. The dog will be trained to sense chemical changes in her saliva and can alert her up to 20 mins before her cgm (continuous glucose monitor) does.

For more details or to see her art, click here!


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