Rescuers Save Dog Trapped in a Cave for Weeks

A man in Florida was hiking deep in the Withlacoochee State Forest outside Tampa when he heard a dog whine and howl. Joe Dunn followed the sounds and discovered a dog stuck in a cave. He gave her all the snacks he had on him and tried to figure out how to rescue the pup.

Dunn didn’t have any rope on him to climb down and his cellphone reception was bad, so he got creative and tried angling a tree stump down into the cave, hoping the dog would climb out. But that didn’t work, so he hiked home and turned to social media for help. The next day, he returned with three fellow do-gooders and they used rescue gear to climb down and get the dog out.

The pooch was wearing a collar with a tag, so the good samaritans were able to know her name isSallyand they reached out to her owners. She had been missing for three weeks, but she’s back home now and she’s safe after her outdoor adventure.




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