Bizarre Exchange Between Televangelist & Reporter About His Private Jets

Televangelist Kenneth Copeland is defending his use of three private jets to travel the world after previously claiming he didn't want to fly commercial with 'demons'.

The 82-year-old's seemed angry about being confronted about his lavish lifestyle. At one point in the interview, he has a cheerful demeanor and deflects questions by complimenting the host on her eyes, praying for her, and even kissing her hand.

Copeland is said to have an estimated worth of $760 million and he purchased a three million dollar Gulfstream V private jet from actor Tyler Perry last year.  

Copeland had done an interview in 2016 where he compared flying commercial to that of getting in 'a long tube with a bunch of demons." When he was asked if he ever made those comments he said, 'No I did not and don't you ever say I did.' 

He then grits his teeth as he explains how watching marshals drag a passenger off a plane back in 2017 made him so mad. He then asked: 'Do you think that's a good environment for a preacher to be?' He went on to say, 'I could no longer do what I was called to do when I get on the airlines and besides that, I need my clothes when I get there.' He apparently is concerned about his luggage getting lost. 

Copeland claims he jets back and forth to help the needy. The minister has also allegedly used the planes to go on vacations.

Source: Inside Edition



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