Uber To Start Banning Passengers With Low Ratings

For the longest time, Uber drivers have had to maintain a certain rating in order to maintain employment. As riders, we can rate the service after we’ve been dropped off at our destination.But don’t forget that the drivers rate us, too.

And, those ratings could now get us banned. As Uber executive Kate Parker puts it: “Respect is a two-way street, and so is accountability.” The lowest rating that can be kept hasn’t been shared yet – but as of 2014, drivers couldn’t go lower than a 4.6-rating.And yes, that’s out of five points.

But don’t fret yet. If you’ve had a bad ride, it’s not like you’ll get dropped immediately – Uber says you’ll get warnings If you’re at risk of being banned, you’ll get some warnings first. If that doesn’t work, you’re outta there!

What’ll keep you “riding” high? Be ready to roll when they get there, BE NICE! Don’t mess up the car…and you know, the basics.

Source:Huffington Post



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