Daily Do Good: Local Man Rescues Injured Bald Eagle Caught In Traffic

While driving home from Philadelphia over Memorial Day weekend, traffic slowed on the highway and Dandon Miller pulled his motorcycle over to see what was going on. He immediately saw what was causing the traffic jam: a bald eagle standing in the middle of the road.

He says he and another driver tried to nudge the bird to see if she’d move, but she wasn’t budging. The animal lover knew he had to get the injured eagle out of harm’s way, so he used his favorite flannel shirt to throw over her to try to protect himself from those powerful talons and he picked the eagle up.

Miller says the large animal stayed very calm as he wrapped her up and held her. Once she was out of the road, he called 911 and eventually reached theTri-State Bird Rescue and Research, a rehab center for wild birds. He held the 15-pound eagle for about 45 minutes until they arrived to take over. She has some soft tissue injuries and an eye injury, but no broken bones and is expected to make a full recovery. Miller says the experience was “just amazing.”

Source:The Dodo



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