Dayton, Ohio Tornado Damage Described As "Catastrophic”

A cluster of tornadoes has left a path of destruction across Indiana and Ohio.

The “pack” of twisters were so close to each other that one crossed the path carved by another. Storm debris was so thick in areas that snow plows were used to clear roads. But, no where was the damage more intense than Dayton, Ohio.

We told you earlierthe tornado had been confirmed, but now we’re getting an idea of the extent of damage it caused. First off, it wasn’t just one tornado that tore the town apart; a second one hit the metro area 30 minutes later. The aftermath is catastrophic damage and widespread injuries. Reports are still coming in of people trapped in buildings.

Authorities are walking door to door and checking on residents and they’re seeing homes “split in half” or totally destroyed. A church steeple was ripped off and ended up in a parking lot while people were taking shelter in the building.

A spokesman for the Office of Emergency Management in Montgomery County, said: “We're right in the middle of it right now. It's a mess.” Unfortunately, more severe weather is forecast for the area.

Source:Daily Mail



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