Daily Do Good: Woman Who Walks Six Miles To Work Given New Car

Think you have a bad commute? Anita Singleton has been working at a Louisiana Walmart for three years and at least once a week, she walks the six miles to the store. The 52-year-old loves her job and when she can’t find a ride, she makes the long walk.

During one of those morning six-mile strolls, Slidell Police Officer Bradley Peck saw Singleton and pulled over to ask where she was heading and offered her a ride when she revealed how far she had to walk. On the way to Walmart, they talked and he was touched by her positive attitude and energy and shared the story in a post on theSlidell Police Department Facebook page.Local Chevrolet dealership owner Matt Bowers heard about Singleton’s story and was inspired to help.

He donated a brand new car to Singleton, and even let her choose which one she wanted. Now she’s the proud owner of a white Chevy Captiva and Bowers also took care of taxes, insurance, and registration fees, which he says he’ll cover as long as she owns the car.




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