Daily Do Good: Vet Walking Across U.S. To Raise Money For Other Vets

An Air Force veteran from Massachusetts has just set off on a very ambitious journey. This week William Shuttleworth started walking from his hometown of Newburyport and he plans to keep going until he reaches California - all on foot. The 71-year-old former school superintendent hopes to walk 25 miles a day to get across the country and end up on the west coast in October.

But he’s not just some retired guy looking for a way to stay busy. Shuttleworth is walking to raise money for the Disabled American Veterans Association, according to hiswebsitefor his walk, which he’s calling Vets Don’t Forget Vets. He says he was inspired to make the trek after talking to homeless veterans during a visit to California.

During his 3,000 mile trip, Shuttleworth plans to stop and talk to all the veterans he can along the way. He’s got a tent to sleep in and hopes “to engage people to make a difference” before he finishes up at Vandenberg Air Force Base this fall.

Source:New York Daily News



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