Australia to Kill Millions of Feral Cats by 'Airdropping Poison Sausages'

The government of Australia has an interesting way of dealing with their feral cat problem. They have decided to poison them.Australian officials are killing millions of feral cats by airdropping frozen sausages laced with poison across the Outback.The cats die within 15 minutes of ingesting the toxic treats, which are produced at a factory close to Perth. But in a bid to kill as many as possible, officials also trap and shoot the creatures. The sausages are made with kangaroo meat, chicken fat, herbs, spices, and the poison. The government launched the killing spree back in 2015, insisting the animals pose a massive threat to rodent species that are already on the brink of extinction. Cats are said to be a major threat to at least 27 of Australia’s unique species including the big-eared hopping mouse. Although the poison-laced sausages have proven most effective at killing the felines, it’s the farmers and shooters that have killed more in total.



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