Easter Bunny Hops Into Street Fight in Florida

A man and a woman were fighting in Orlando when the bunny suddenly came up and started throwing rabbit punches.

A fight on the streets of Orlando, Florida, was busted up Sunday thanks to a guy in an Easter Bunny costume.

A video posted on Instagram shows a man and a woman fighting after the man reportedly bumped into her, according to local station WKMG TV.

The woman seems to be doing a good job on her own when the bunny joins the brawl and starts throwing what the station referred to as “rabbit punches.”

The fight was quickly broken up by a bystander and a bike cop, according to Orlando Weekly.

An Orlando Police Department official told the paper no one was charged in the tussle.

“The officer on-scene broke up the incident and dispersed the parties involved,” Sgt. David Baker told the paper. “No arrests or reports were completed.”

Source: Huffpost



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