Daily Do Good: After Two Years, Family Reunites With Dog Stolen As Puppy

It’s been two long years since the Peterson family had their puppy stolen from their yard. Their four-month-old German Shepherd, Cedar, was outside in the backyard of their Southwest Ranches, Florida home in May 2017 when she disappeared. The family searched and put up signs, but with no leads, they felt they may never see Cedar again.

Then out of the blue, almost two years to the day after she went missing, the Petersons get a call that Cedar has been found … all the way in Colorado! The dog was discovered in a ditch, covered in snow and malnourished, but okay. The police officer who found her took her to to get checked out at the veterinarian and they found Cedar’s microchip, which led to the Petersons.

With help from Wings of Recovery, a charity known for flying pets in disaster zones, Cedar made her way on a plane from Colorado to south Florida and back to her loving family. The Petersons are thrilled to have Cedar home and look forward to taking her swimming soon. “Miracles do happen, especially when you microchip your pet,” Wings of Rescue writes in a Facebook post about the happy reunion.

Source:NBC Miami



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