This Mom Made Birthday Guests Give Their Build-A-Bears To Her Daughter!

A mom recently took to Reddit to share the story of a recent birthday party her six-year-old daughter went to at Build-A-Bear. The post explains that the eight party guests had cake and pizza in the mall food court, then headed over to the Build-A-Bear store where they each created their own special stuffed animal. They all had a great time, but when they finished up, the birthday girl’s mom shocked everyone by announcing that the kiddos needed to give their animals to her daughter.

As you can imagine, this didn’t make the young party guests very happy. These six-year-olds had just finished making their very own unique stuffed animal and then they were forced to give it to the birthday girl! The mom says the kids did hand over their animals, but the birthday girl wasn’t even being nice about it. She says one little boy didn’t want to and the girl “ripped it out of his hands.”

The mom says she and her daughter left soon after that and when they got back into the car, her little girl burst into tears over the incident. She says she felt so bad, she went back to Build-A-Bear and got her a new one. Her post asks if she’s being entitled, and commenters assured her that she’s not. People agree that birthday girl’s mom is out of line and that teasing a kid by letting them create their own stuffed animal only to force them to give it away right after is unfair and cruel.

Some Redditors commented that birthday girl’s mom could’ve let them know up front, so parents could manage their kid’s expectations, and others pointed out that guests probably already brought a gift, so these Build-A-Bear animals were on top of that. And one commenter went as far as to compare birthday girl’s mom to Mommy Dearest herself, posting: “Parenting level:Joan Crawford.”

Source:Scary Mommy



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