Daily Do Good: Laundromats Host Storytime To Help Kids Boost Literacy

Waiting at the laundromat can be incredibly boring for anyone, but for kids dragged along with their parents on laundry day, it’s even worse. But a new program is offering them something other than watching the clothes dry, with librarians coming by to read stories to them.

TheToo Small to Fail initiative is working to improve children’s literacy by bringing books, storytime, and reading groups to community spaces, like laundromats. The program has been running in different locations across the country, with volunteer librarians teaming up with laundromat owners to turn a corner of the facility into a makeshift learning corner, complete with books and educational toys.

The program is especially helpful for helping to close the literacy gap between lower- and higher-income families.Brian Wallace, president and CEO of the Coin Laundry Association, explains, “We have the right audience … parents and kids who need the most help when it comes to literacy and access to books.”

Source:Good News Network



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