Mom Fights Off Cougar To Save Her Son

I would like to think that all moms would react the way this woman did. A  woman from Canada said her “mom instinct” took over last week when she fought off a cougar that mauled her seven-year-old son in their backyard.

Chelsea Lockhart was doing chores around the house when she heard her son, Zachery, scuffling with something outside their home in Lake Cowichan, Vancouver Island. She said she rushed to the backyard to look for the source of the commotion and found the boy fighting for his life.

“I ran downstairs and I ran toward his voice. I turned the corner and saw this animal on my child,” she said. “He was on the ground and the cougar was attached to his arm. I had a mom instinct, right? I just leaped on it and I tried to pry its mouth open.”

She has no idea where she gained the strength, but she fish-hooked the juvenile cougar by the mouth and managed to pry him off her son. She said it’s a miracle that Zachery survived the attack with only a gash on his head and a few injuries cuts his neck and arms.

The cougar eventually just left the yard. 




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