Daily Do Good: Police Dog Finds Two Lost Kids In Just 15 Minutes

A pair of children who wandered off in the woods over the weekend were found within 15 minutes by a Virginia police dog. Bane, a Dutch Shepherd with the Powhatan Sheriff’s Office worked with Sheriff’s Deputy Quinn Pasi and took over the search after parents and neighbors were unable to find the missing eight-year-olds as the sun was going down.

The kids were playing a chase game when they got lost and when the adults couldn’t find them, they called officials. Deputies and K-9 Bane searched the house first and then headed into the woods, Deputy Pasi says. And from there, Bane tracked and located the kids in just 15 minutes. The dog was even rewarded with Chick-fil-A ice cream for his hard work.

"As soon as the children were home safe he was back on patrol eager for the next call for service," the sheriff's office posted on Facebook. "Job well done K-9 Bane!"

Source:USA Today



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