Man Admits He & Wife Don't Have 'Sides of the Bed', Social Media Can't Deal

When it comes to sleeping, most couples establish ground rules for who sleeps on what side of the bed early in a relationship and that rarely changes. Well, one writer took to Twitter to reveal that he and his wife don’t actually have a side of the bed, and it has basically shocked the Internet. 

Journalist Steve O'Rourke recently tweeted the confession, sharing “We were just chatting in work and apparently it's weird that Amy and I don't sleep on the same side of the bed every night,” adding, “ Some nights I like to sleep by the window, some nights the door. It's not really that unusual, is it?”

  • Well, judging by the response, yes it is “that unusual.” “That's extremely f****** weird, actually,” one person responded, while another added, “Wrong, wrong, wrong. Once 'the side' is established there can be no change no delineation, it must be a constant. Home, hotel, doesn't matter.”
  • Some folks seemed to support the idea of no assigned bed sides, but they were certainly in the minority. “It’s a great idea, my husband and I have swapped sides for years,” one person noted. “It’s bad for your heart (apparently) to always lie on one side and you put too much pressure on the same organs every night... that’s what I told him anyway!” 

O’Rourke later added that choosing the side of the bed has never been an issue between him and his spouse. He says the first one in the room gets to choose, and insists they’ve never disagreed about it. They do move their pillows and stuff when they switch sides, and says it doesn’t happen every night. He also added, “neither of us are aliens.”

Still, folks were just not down with the idea, with food writer Jack Monroe chiming in, “'I just read this aloud to Mrs J and we are clutching each other in horror.”

Source:Daily Mail


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