Daily Do Good: Homeless Man's Note Posted On Bus Stop Lands Him A Job

A homeless man in the U.K. left a note on a bus stop explaining that he was looking for work and his plea has become life changing. Anthony Johnson’s note said he was searching for a job “to make life worth living,” and thankfully, 16-year-old Charlotte Howard saw it.

The note also explains that Johnson would do a free trial for work and doesn’t do drugs or drink and Charlotte says when she saw it at the bus stop, it “broke her heart,” so she decided to post an appeal on social media. “Everyone deserves a home,” she says. The teen asked for donations to buy a camper that was for sale online and people were happy to contribute. When the story got around, the camper was donated to Johnson and over $1,300 has come in to help him get back on his feet.

A charity that works with the homeless population is now trying to find a permanent site for the camper and someone is helping set Johnson up with a handyman business. So now he’s getting shelter and work thanks to his message and a teen who saw it and wanted to help. “Getting a job is about having something to do rather than rotting away on a bench,” Johnson says. “It’s about having something in your life.”



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