DDG: College Student Wins Year Of Free Qdoba, Donates It To Shelter

Most college kids would be thrilled to win a year of free food from a restaurant, but what if it’s for a kind of food you don’t like? When Cameron Koger won the “Qdoba Queso 3-point contest” at a Kansas State basketball game recently, he earned 52 free meals from the Mexican restaurant, but he doesn’t eat Mexican food.

So the Kansas State University freshmantweetedthat he would pass the prize along to someone who liked the tweet. But after hundreds of responses came in, he posted that he decided to donate the 52 free entrees to Kansas’Manhattan Emergency Shelter. The smart college kid shared that he wanted to keep the free meals local because “Riley County is the most food insecure county in Kansas” and he tweeted that the 52 entrees would feed the entire shelter...twice.

And it gets even better! Qdoba heard about Koger’s “great gesture” and tweeted that they would double the number of free meals going to the shelter. Of course the folks at the shelter were happy to have the teen think of them and gave him “a huge thank you” in a shout out on Facebook.




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