Daily Do Good: Seniors Hold Mock Graduation So Dying Mom Can Be There

Susan Matthews has been battling breast cancer for years and she’s coming to the end of her fight. She was diagnosed when her daughter, Claire, was in sixth grade and now she’s about to graduate from high school. Seeing her daughter get her diploma was always important to Susan, but she might not make it to see her official high school graduation, so the students brought graduation to her.

Claire says her mother’s condition has gotten worse and she might not make it until June for Hamilton High School’s ceremony, so her friend and fellow senior, DeeDee Rogers, came up with the idea of staging a mock graduation. A group of 30 students took part and they held it at the center where Susan is being treated in Montana, so she was able to see her daughter in her cap and gown with fellow grads.

“Time was not on our side,” Claire says of her mom’s condition. She adds that “It’s always been her goal to see me graduate,” and they were able to make that happen for her.


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