Man and His Dog Rescue Two Dogs From Icy Water

A man and his dog both jumped into icy water to save two other dogs who had fallen through the ice into a frozen reservoir in New York.Timothy Yuriev of Yonkers was walking his dog around Irvington Reservoir when he heard a woman screaming for her dogs and saw two dogs down in the water.

The pair of pooches had fallen through the ice and were doing the doggie paddle in place, but they were getting tired and started to give up, and that’s when Yuriev decided he needed to save them. He realized the dogs might have hypothermia and got in himself to rescue them, followed by his English Golden Retriever, Kira. They got the dogs out safely, something not just anyone could do in the freezing conditions.

Yuriev credits his upbringing with being ready for the heroic rescue. “Because of my past, I used to live in Siberia - my grandfather, a hunter, he taught me how to stand cold, and how to prepare yourself,” he says.

Source:NBC New York



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