Dogs Refuse To Run For Guy In Alaska Race Because He Yelled At One Of Them

The Iditarod is a world-famous 1,131-mile dog sled race through desolate tundra, dense forest, snow-swept mountains, and the frigid Alaskan coast. There are people who look forward every year to this race.

Nicolas Petit is one of those people. He and his 10-dog team had been leading the race when they stopped more than three-quarters of the way into the race. It seems that one of the dogs,Joey, had been fighting with another dog on the team and he jumped it during the break to yell at Joey. Well, Joey didn't take to kindly to that. 

Joey decided that he wasn't going to race anymore and since he was one of the lead dogs on the team, the others followed suit leaving Nicolas without any dogs in a dog sledding race. He ultimately had to quit the race. 

Source: AP



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