DDG: College Students On Spring Break Rescue Boy Swept Away By Current

A trio of University of Kansas fraternity brothers were enjoying some fun in the sun in Destin, Florida when they ended up saving a young boy in the water.Jared Cox, Connor Churchill andC ole Firmature were at the beach for spring break when they heard parents shouting for help for their boys.

According to witness Kaci Gilchrist,two young boys were in the water far from shore, and as parents focused on getting one of the boys back to shore, the KU students jumped into the water to rescue the other boy, who was much further out. She says they worked hard to get the kid in, but they got him safely back on the beach and into the arms of his relieved parents.

"They were just sitting there so humble, going on with their day like, ‘oh, I just saved somebody's life, no big deal,’” Gilchrist says, adding that she was glad her kids were there to see the heroic act and hopes they grow up to have “that moral instinct” that the college students have.




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