DDG: Boy Saves Girl Miles Away After She Shared Distressing Snapchats

A 12-year-old boy from Pittsburgh who was paying attention and noticed his friend acting differently on Snapchat reached out to help when he thought she may hurt herself.Gabe Rongier was chatting with his friend in Texas on the social media app and noticed a drastic change in her emotions. After she posted that she “wouldn’t be here tomorrow,” he took it seriously and it may have saved her life.

Gabe wasn’t sure how to alert authorities in Texas, so he called the suicide hotline for help. They linked him up with Officer Chandler in Texas, and he went to her house and checked on her. The next day, Gabe says he got a call from Officer Chandler, who told him, “She’s fine. It’s real.”

Now Gabe is being recognized for his quick thinking and being perceptive to help his long-distance friend. Investigators told Gabe’s parents that they used geotracking to locate the girl and that they arrived in time to intervene with any plans she may have had. “I feel relieved that she’s okay,” Gabe says. “I feel like I did something good.”




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