Warnings Issued After Cancer-Causing ASBESTOS Found in Claire's Products

If your kids buy makeup at Claire’s or Justice, you might want to toss it. The FDA has been testing items from both of the retailers an announced asbestos has been found in at least three of the chains’ makeup products.

Back in 2017, it was first reported that some makeup from Claire’s and Justice may contain asbestos, which prompted Claire’s to voluntarily pull some products and Justice to do a formal recall of 17 products. But now, the FDA warns people not to use eye shadows, compact powders, and contour palettes because they contain an amount of asbestos that’s potentially dangerous to kids’ health.

But Claire’s still refuses to recall these makeup products because it says the test results “show significant errors” and that the items in question have been “extensively tested by multiple independent accredited labs” and found to be safe. So this is basically a he-said, she-said, but it’s the FDA vs. Claire’s. And here’s the thing, if there’s any chance there’s something dangerous in your kid’s makeup - like asbestos - do you really want to risk it just because the store selling it says it’s okay? Better safe than sorry seems like the way to go here.

Source:Scary Mommy



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