Daily Do Good:Donation Helps Girl Scouts Deliver Cookies To Children's Home

Believe it or not, sometimes Girl Scouts have a hard time selling their cookies. A pair of Troops in Deltona, Florida were in a cookie sales slump over the weekend, but everything turned around, thanks to the generosity of one customer.

Troop leaderTrina Grantsays a man and his poodle changed the luck for Troops 1271 and 1366 when he bought $300 worth of cookies. But the man only kept one box for himself and told Girl ScoutsSamantha GrantandMolly Martinezto donate the rest of the cookies.

So that’s exactly what they did. They knew who would really appreciate getting 74 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies - the folks at the Florida United Methodist Children’s Home. The troops helped make the day for the kids living there because of their generous buyer.




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