Parents Of Bullies May Soon Face Fines In This Wisconsin Town

A town in Wisconsin is considering a new way to handle the issue of bullying, by holding the parents accountable. A city official in Sun Prairie, Alder Maureen Combie, has proposed that parents get fined if their kid is bullying other students. She’s proposing a city-wide anti-bullying ordinance, similar to one enacted by nearby Monona in 2013.

Combie is asking the city to consider issuing tickets to the parents of bullies that would fine them anywhere from $50 to $1,000. The proposal comes after other parents have asked for more accountability for adults to help stop bullying. The ordinance would include verbal, physical, and electronic harassment.

“It’s basically just another tool in the tool box,” Combie says. The proposal will be brought up in Sun Prairie’s Youth and Family Commission this Thursday.




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