Daily Do Good: Teen Skiers Save Boy Dangling From Chairlift

A group of teen skiers are being called heroes for rescuing a young boy who was hanging from a chairlift on Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, Canada. Video footage shows a man on the chairlift desperately trying to hold onto the child while people below watched in horror.

And that’s when five young skiers showed up ready to help. They used a piece of out-of-bounds netting to try to cushion the eight-year-old boy’s fall, but Gabriel Nielson, one of the rescuers, says convincing him to kick off his skis and jump down was the hard part.

“At one point, we were just like, ‘Okay, you just need to trust us, you just need to drop,” Nielson says. “And so then he dropped, and we caught him.”

The child was taken to the hospital as a precaution, but he was uninjured. A Grouse Mountain spokesperson says the teen rescuers will be getting season passes to the mountain to thank them for their help.

Source:Global News



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