DDG: Man restores, donates dozens of power wheelchairs - from a wheelchair

Bill Waldschmidt spent his career working as an engineer for Thermo King and used to spend his free time doing what he loved - restoring and repairing classic cars in his auto shop. The Minnesota man contracted Polio when he was just four and spent much of his life on crutches, but 10 years ago, his symptoms returned andPost-polio syndromeput Bill in a wheelchair.

Being in his own set of wheels meant he couldn’t work on the Firebirds and Camaros anymore, but Bill started refurbishing power wheelchairs instead. He’s fixed up dozens of them and then he gives them away to people who need one but can’t afford to buy it. Being able to deliver a life-changing wheelchair to someone and see how much it improves their life has fueled his passion. Now Bill says he gets more satisfaction from the wheelchairs than he did restoring cars.

“Life has been really good to me,” Bill says. “So, I’ve got to pass it on.”

Source:KARE 11



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