Amtrak Train Carrying 183 Has Been Stranded In Oregon Since Sunday

A tree that fell across train tracks near a tiny Oregon town has left an Amtrak train full of passengers stuck since Sunday.

The Coast Starlight Train 11 was going from Seattle to Los Angeles became stranded when it hit the fallen tree on snow covered tracks. Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari says there have been no injuries but "conditions further deteriorated with numerous track blockages from snow and fallen trees.”

Union Pacific Railroad and Amtrak are trying to figure out how to get passengers safely off the train or get it moving again. Deep snow and area road closures are keeping the stranded rail riders in the train cars until then. They are being provided free food and water, but provisions are running low.

Passenger Rebekah Dobsons ays “people are restless, but in good spirits.”

Source:ABC News



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