Daily Do Good: Road Ranger Risks Life To Save Driver From Sinking Car

The Road Rangers are there to help drivers on Florida’s turnpikes and expressways stay safe, providing quick, 15-minute services, including changing a flat tire. But just a few months into his new job as a Road Ranger,Garrett Popovich came across a dire situation while on patrol on State Road 417 near Orlando.

Popovich saw a car in a pond, and the car was sinking fast. He says he saw handprints on the vehicle and realized someone was still inside. He knew the fire department wouldn’t make it in time, so he grabbed a glass breaker, tore off his radio, and swam out to the car. He broke the passenger window and saw driver Alex Morales inside in chest-deep water and helped him get out of the submerged car.

The men swam back to shore, both shaken up, but thankful. Morales thanked Popovich for saving his life and the heroic Road Ranger told him, “No problem, that’s what we’re out here to do.”

Source:Bay News 9



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