Target Launches New Collection of Wines All Under $10

Are you big fan of Target who also likes to enjoy a nice glass of wine? Then you’re in luck because Target is launching a new wine line called ‘The Collection’ next month. The bottles are all reasonably priced at $9.99 each and they have pretty labels, too, which is always nice.

The Collection is starting with five varieties: two reds, two whites and of course, a rosé:

  • A Cabernet Sauvignon- described as “dark and dense” with notes of black cherry and spices
  • A Red Blend- This one’s slightly lighter with mocha, caramel, and blackberry.
  • A Chardonnay- It’s said to have an “aroma of freshly baked, buttered biscuits” and a roasted marshmallow fla
  • A Pinot Grigio- This one’s crisp and has notes of honeysuckle, melon and white peach.
  • A Rosé- It’s described as having a flowery start and finishes with “hints of strawberry and watermelon.”

The Collection’s wines are a step up from Target’s other in-house wine labels, California Roots and Wine Cube, but at $9.99, the price is still right on these new bottles. They hit stores on March 3rd so you can start sipping soon.


Target also has a series of wine that retails for $5 that was released last year. Here is a review of that wine...



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