Mom Boards Bus, Attacks 9-Yr-Old for Punching Her 5-Yr-Old Son

It’s completely understandable that a mother would want to stand up for their kid, but one mom in New Orleans took things a bit too far and is now facing criminal charges.

Cellphone video footage shows New Orleans mom Patrice Henry boarding a school bus and attacking a nine-year-old boy. Earlier in the day, Patrice had received a phone call informing her that her son had been hit in the face by the boy, so during the ride home from Eisenhower Elementary School in New Orleans she took action.

Henry got on the bus and started asking the kids “Who hit my boy?” and when the kids pointed to the culprit, the police report says she “wrapped her hand around his neck area and struck him with a closed fist." She is now facing a battery charge.

  • Ashley Batiste, the mother of the nine-year-old, says her son was “scared for his life,” and blames the bus driver for not doing anything to protect him. She is demanding the driver be fired to protect the kids from another incident like this one. “In this case — cause she [the bus driver] didn’t do anything — a parent was able to get on the bus and beat my child,” Batiste told WWL-TV. “Choke him and slap him up against the windows. I feel like that’s not right at all.” According to NOLA Charter Schools the driver has been suspended pending an investigation.




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