First U.S. Ballpark Bans Peanuts

Peanuts are a baseball stadium staple, but since they’re also one of the most common causes of allergy attacks, some ballparks are rethinking the traditional snack. In recent years, some major stadiums have created peanut-controlled sections for some games, so fans with dietary restrictions can safely root for the home team.

The Baltimore Orioles have a “Peanut Allergy Suite,” the Oakland Athletics have a peanut-free zone with its own separate entrance, and the Toronto Blue Jays’ “Nut Reduced” area has emergency personnel on hand. But none of the teams have banned peanuts from the ballpark all together,until now.

The Hartford Yard Goats, a minor league team in Hartford, Connecticut, is now the first team in pro sports to make their entire stadium peanut-free. So no shelled peanuts… and no Cracker Jacks. It’s not an easy move to make, especially since their stadium sold more than 10-thousand bags last year at $4 apiece. But Yard Goats president Tim Restall says it’s all about kids. “The way we look at it,” he explains. “If we eliminate this one item to allow kids to enjoy a baseball game, that’s what it all comes down to.”

Source:Food and Wine

Photo: Getty


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