Daily Do Good: First Responders Push Woman To Hospital On Stretcher

When wintry weather slammed the St. Louis Metro area recently, it left icy roads in dangerous driving condition, causing a city bus to spin around on the highway. Firefighter Shaylor Taetz and his partner were called to the accident, but they got into their own crash when their ambulance slid into a guardrail on the way.

The Maryland Heights firefighters walked over to the nearby bus accident and rescued the driver, who was the only person on the bus at the time, but they realized how risky driving the ambulance would be in those conditions, so they went old school and took her to the hospital on foot. The men pushed the stretcher with the bus driver on it for about a mile to the nearest hospital. Taetz admits it wasn’t easy getting the stretcher up several hills because it didn’t have traction on the icy roads and it was sleeting outside, but they made it.

The act was so surprising, a random person stopped during the storm to take of them pushing the stretcher down the road. "We just had to deal with it and kind of make do with that we had," Taetz explains. Paramedics report the woman didn’t have any serious injuries and is okay.

Source: KSDK


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