DDG: Doctor Dresses As Stormtrooper To Deliver Good News To Young Patient


When Codi Pelton saw a stormtrooper from “Star Wars” walk into her hospital room, she knew what a good thing it was. The 13-year-old has been on the heart transplant list for over two and a half years, waiting for a donor, and seeing that stormtrooper meant she had a new heart on the way.

For several weeks, Codi had been in the hospital waiting for a new heart and her transplant doctor, Dr. Matthew Bock, agreed to make the announcement in costume, when he had the good news to deliver. And he kept his word, transforming into a stormtrooper and carrying a sign that read: “You have a heart,” while “Star Wars” music played as he came to tell the teen.

There were complications with the surgery, but four months later, Codi is back in school and her most recent biopsy shows zero rejection. Now she’s getting ready to compete in a track meet at school and her mom says she’s “on cloud nine” because she gets to enjoy simple pleasures like participating in P.E. once again.

Source: The Denver Channel


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