Daily Do Good: Fifth-Grader Has Helped Raise $30K For Elderly In Need

After spending a lot of time in nursing homes where her mom is a nurse practitioner, Ruby Kate Chitsey has a unique insight into the lives of the residents. The 11-year-old enjoys talking to the people who live there and she started noticing that a lot of them can’t afford the simple things that bring them joy in life, so she decided to do something about it.

Ruby started by writing down what residents told her they wanted and turned it into a project and Facebook page called " Three Wishes for Ruby's Residents ." Her mom has helped her set up a GoFundMe account to help cover the cost of granting those wishes. And the fifth-grader has found, the three things in the world that most of them wish they had right now are really simple. One man wanted some pants that fit, a woman asked for fresh fruit because she hadn’t had a fresh strawberry in eight years. Others just want a good pillow or a good book.

GoFundMe saw the good Ruby was doing and made her a “Kid Hero” of the month. So far, her account has raised over $30,000 to grant the three wishes of the residents of five nursing homes in Arkansas.

"I think Ruby's starting a movement -- recognizing a need and just doing something about it,” explains Ruby’s mom, Amanda Milford Chitsey . “This is about their quality of life -- bringing them joy."

Source: CNN



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