Passenger Has Meltdown on Plane Saying She's Squashed Between "Fat Pigs"

It’s becoming pretty apparent that folks don’t know how to be civil to one another anywhere - but especially on planes. Take for example the latest shocking incident that has now gone viral of a woman who was escorted off a United Airlines flight after fat-shaming two passengers, calling them “two big pigs.”

Video posted byNorma Rodgers, a registered nurse from New Jersey, shows the unidentified woman ranting about having to sit between Norma and her partner. The woman starts by complaining to someone on the phone (as though they weren't sitting there). “This is just impossible ’cause they’re squishing me," she sniffed. "Like, just unbelievable." Then she added, "At least they’ll keep me warm."

That's when Norma had enough - especially with the woman's crack, "I eat salad." Calling over a flight attendant, SHE asked that the woman be moved noting, "I will not be verbally abused by this b—h or anybody else… I am not starting my new year off with this kind of negativity.” The flight attendant politely obliged, but if you thought that's where it ends, you'd be wrong.



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