Daily Do Good: Sign On A Car Leads To A New Kidney For Single Dad

When Ryan Stanford needed a kidney donation to save his life, the single father from Michigan let his girlfriend’s teenage daughter help spread the word. Last summer Lilian Jarjour had a sign put on her car that read: “Single dad of three needs kidney, type O.” And it worked!

Stanford has been dating Lilian’s mom for almost three years and has polycystic kidney disease, and when it took a turn for the worst, Lilian decided to try to do her part to find him a donor. Stanford was getting sicker and was losing hope as his kidneys were failing, but then one day last August, a woman from the Detroit-area called, saying she saw the sign and wanted to get tested to be a donor.

Tests proved the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, was a good match and the transplant was a success. Now the donor and her husband have become friends with the man she gave her kidney to and everyone is recovering well. Lilian is now studying to become a medical assistant and says it “feels amazing” to know her sign worked to save Stanford’s life.

Source: Inside Edition



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