This Mailman is SO NICE He's Gone Viral For His Kind Act

A mail worker is being recognized for giving a personal touch to delivering packages after an exchange with a homeowner was captured on a doorbell security camera. The unidentified worker brought a package to the doorstep of Karissa Basalyga’s Washington state house and when he rang the doorbell, she informed him through the security system that she wasn’t home.

Karissa told him to leave the package, but the postal worker explains that he doesn’t like to leave stuff at the home if it’s not from a store. He tells the homeowner that the box is from her Uncle Michael and then looks around her porch and asks, “Would you like me to put it inside the recycling box?” that was behind him. That way, no porch pirates could steal the box before she gets home. “Oh yeah! That would work!” Karissa tells him. He tells her to have a great day and that’s the end of their doorbell camera exchange, but the considerate move is earning him some well-deserved positive attention.

“I don’t think I’ve ever had a mailman take such care, intentional care with a package,” Karissa says of her awesome postal delivery person.

Source: Inside Edition



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