Mom Hospitalized After Light-Up Sippy Cup Explodes

A mom in Idaho is warning others after she claims her son’s light-up sippy cup exploded in her face while she was filling it. Dzevada Becirovic of Boise says she was pouring milk into her one-year-old son’s Nuby brand cup while it was on the counter when it exploded, leaving her with burns and chemical exposure to her lungs and face.

The mom says she recently bought the light-up sippy cup and thinks it was the lithium battery inside it that caused her injuries. Becirovic claims she followed the cups care instructions carefully, never microwaving it or putting it in the dishwasher before the incident. She says it was very scary and that she couldn’t breathe, her lungs and throat were on fire, so she went to the hospital. They treated her for minor injuries and she says she still needs to go through breathing treatments because of inhaling chemicals.

As frightening as the explosion was to her, Becirovic is frightened to think what would have happened if her child had been holding the cup when it blew up, so she’s speaking up. The mom hopes to get the cups recalled so no one else’s safety is at risk. She says, “If it choked me up that bad and burned me, it could have taken a limb off a child that little.”

An attorney for Luv n’ Care Ltd. the company that makes the cups says this is the first complaint the brand has had about them. And they say they plan to fully investigate her claims when she sends the cup to them so they can run tests to determine what happened.

Source: The Stir



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