Flight Diverted to Canada, Leaving Passengers Stuck On Board for 16 Hours

When you’re trying to go on vacation, there are few things worse than a delayed or cancelled flight, right? A group of United Airlines 250 passengers and 15 crew passengers found something worse: they were stuck onboard a plane in Canada for more than 16 hours over the weekend. As in, plane on the ground…not moving…with freezing temps blowing outside.

What happened? Their flight from Newark to Hong Kong was cut short when someone on board became ill. So the plane diverted to Goose Bay Airport in Newfoundland to let the ill passenger off. First, the crew realized there was a problem with the jet door and they couldn't take off again. Then they discovered that the airport didn’t have customs officers overnight, so the airline couldn’t even let passengers off the airplane and into airport terminal.

Instead, the airline found another plane to take the passengers back to Newark yesterday…with a planned wait for another flight to Hong Kong. The airline is apologizing.

Source: ABC News



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