Popular Vlogger Dad Under Fire Over Kids Gift

The ACE Family are one of the most popular vlogging families on YouTube and are known for posting their family-friendly content of them raising their two young children. Now the father, Austin McBroom, has landed himself in hot water after filming himself buying a penis-shaped lollipop for a child.

The video causing the uproar seems to be filmed by McBroom and shows a little girl in what looks like a novelty store asking him to buy the lollipop. It doesn't appear to be one of his own kids but rather a friend or family members.

“She said she was going to steal it if I didn’t buy it, so better me buy it,” McBroom jokes in the video. “Don’t show that to anyone, that’s your little secret,” he tells her after purchasing the lollipop. “Guys, I’m in so much trouble,” he says to the camera. The video has been widely shared online since it was recorded last week and people have been expressing their feelings about letting a child have a penis-shaped lollipop.

Source: BuzzFeed



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