Social Media Campaign Urges Women to Ditch Their Razors for #Januhairy

We’ve seen more and more women ditch their razors recently, some to make a statement and others because they just don’t care about looking “perfectly groomed” anymore. And there’s a new movement on social media this month to celebrate women growing out their body hair, with photos to show it off. It’s called #Januhairy and the images are most definitely hairy.

Januhairy was started by student Laura Jackson, who first grew out her body hair for a college project and now she wants to encourage women to accept and empower themselves with their body hair as well as challenge the idea that female body hair is abnormal or something to be ashamed of. They’ve even turned Januhairy into a fundraiser for Body Gossip, a nonprofit that promotes education around body acceptance, by encouraging followers to sponsor women who dare to not go bare.

Jackson is encouraging others to post photos of their body hair-growing progress on social media, with hopes that filling feeds with photos of women with body hair will become normal. It’s not for everyone, but it is natural, so if you’re into hairy pits or legs, enjoy your Januhairy and raise money for a good cause while you’re at it.

Source: Glamour



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