Cashier Donates Kidney To Regular Customer’s Wife

Every morning, Eddie Drummond stops in Wayne Lee’s Grocery and Market in Pascagoula, Mississippi for breakfast on his way to work. He’s always smiling and friendly with employees, so when he was upset one day, cashier Leilani Aguirre asked him what was wrong.

The regular customer told her that his wife of 32 years, Donnie, had been diagnosed with kidney failure a few years earlier and wasn’t doing well on dialysis and she needed a transplant ASAP. So Leilani offered to donate hers. Tests prove the women are a perfect match, with O-positive blood, and the transplant is scheduled for this spring.

"You will always be a part of us because you put an extension of my wife's life," Eddie tells Leilani. "I can't thank you enough."

Source: ABC 7 Chicago



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